How To Fix Your Nicad Battery At Home

How To Fix Your Nicad Battery At Home

Every battery regardless of the reputation of the manufacturer will have some problems at one time. One of the most common problems is the battery failing to get enough charge. It starts running for a short time which translates into time wastage and inefficiency. This occurs when the batter suffers from memory effect, which prevents it from getting enough charge.

To get your battery back into tracks, the memory effect must be erased to restore the battery and make it fully functional. This problem makes you recharge the battery before all the batteries charge is fully depleted. But it never becomes full and stops at one point. The memory effect prevents full charge from taking place and this affects the performance of the battery.

The Nicad battery also develops problems when it’s overcharged. However to avoid that, use a charger that has protection to prevent overcharging. It monitors the temperature and stops overcharge, which leads to overheating. It is also known as lazy battery effect or voltage depression. The battery appears full, but goes down within a short time. You cannot tell how long the battery will last and you will definitely be inconvenienced at work or at home.

Another problem may come about from overcharging your battery. A good charger should have overcharge protection which seems to monitor the temperature and stop the charging before overheating. This can be called voltage depression or lazy battery effect. The battery may seem to be fully discharged but dies out quickly.

To solve these problems, the battery should be run through the discharge and charge cycle. Make sure you allow the battery to die how to recondition batteries at home completely, and then let it charge to the full and discharge it again. Do this several times and your battery will be restored.
It is a simple process, but if you do not know how to do it, you should hire someone to it. Batteries are risky and must be handled with extreme care. A simple mistake can lead to injuries and if any time, your skin gets into contact with the fluids inside the battery, seek medical attention immediately.

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